Party Platters | Special Occasion


With Chefs On The Run 911 any occasion can be turned into a special occasion.

A special occasion does not have to be an expensive occasion

Nor does it mean that you have to run yourself ragged working out recipes, charging off to the local supermarket, getting home frantically cooking, laying out the table and  trying to find a way to display your snacks and other foods beautifully.

Of course, you still need to get yourself ready – a long relaxing shower is desperately needed by this time.  But, the cat keeps trying to jump on the table to get at the seafood snacks, or the dog can smell those lovely chicken pieces and you know that he is just waiting for you to head of to your bedroom before he causes mayhem.

This is when  party platters from Chefs On The Run 911 will really save your sanity!

Alternatively maybe your Boss has suddenly remembered that in a few of days time he has some real important international visitors coming and you have been charged with making sure that a beautiful spread is provided for a special occasion cocktail party to be held at the end of the working day.

Don’t let these things worry you any more!

No matter what type of special occasion you are hosting, we can provide  perfect party platters for you and you even get to keep the lovely woven basket platters that the food is presented in.

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